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E2000 SW4 Lithotripter

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מועצה אזורית משגב NO, מחוז הצפון, Israel
Type: Business Proposal
20 February 2019 - 20 February 2020
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Medispec Lithotripter - Type SW-4 - Mfg. july 2000 - 66,745 shots on high voltage generator.
Table - Type TT-2 with handswitch

Includes: key, ECG Simulator/adapter, External Handswitch, Electrodes, Patient Procedure Table Model TT-2

High Voltage Generator:
The high voltage generator is the heart of the Econolith system. The generator is based on spark-gap technology. Spark gap generators create shock waves under water using a spark electrode placed in an ellipsoid reflector. The energy produced from the spark of the electrode is reflected so that it is concentrated onto the stone, located at a second focal point, or F2. The recurring pressure on the stone leads to its fragmentation, with little damage to the kidneys and surrounding areas. Spark gap technology was the first technology employed by lithotripter manufacturers and many researchers and physicians believe that spark gap shock wave generators are still the most effective type of generator available.
Medispec's high voltage generator is unique in that it provides a large focal zone and high bar pressure for the most effective treatment of urinary calculus.

Urology Treatment Table:The E2000 comes with a non-dedicated, 2-axis, multifunctional treatment table. This motorized table has a cut-out on one side to accommodate the shockwave head. The table top is made of carbon fiber for obstruction-free imaging and can be used for a variety of endourology procedures.

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20 February 2019 20 February 2020

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